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Lady of the Leaves by Okashi-Okami-of-DOOM Lady of the Leaves :iconokashi-okami-of-doom:Okashi-Okami-of-DOOM 46 18 The Naughty Veronica by Okashi-Okami-of-DOOM The Naughty Veronica :iconokashi-okami-of-doom:Okashi-Okami-of-DOOM 49 12
Mama, you're not home anymore
You don't pick up the phone
You keep on promising it'll be okay
And wondering why I feel alone
But brother's stressed and so am I
I'm so scared, but I don't show it
Daddy's stressed because it's all ending
I wish I could pretend not to know it
I hide in my room and I close the door
Blasting my stereo
So I can drown out the sound of the fight,
You two shouting on the floor below
I know that you do deserve much better
I know he doesn't treat you right
But that doesn't soften the ache in my eyes
When you're arguing every night
You keep making promises
But you don't follow through
You say you'll be back by nine
But you walk through the door at two
Doors keep slamming and people keep yelling
I don't know why I can't cry
But I can't shed a single tear
Even when I try
He blames you for everything
From the divorce to my grades
He doesn't know that he's the reason
Why my motivation fades
I remember when I trusted easily
I remember when I believed
But I am not resig
:iconokashi-okami-of-doom:Okashi-Okami-of-DOOM 13 10
Bridget and Emily on Homophobia
My mom found out you're a lesbian. She forbid me from going to San Fran for college with you. I chewed her ass. I can go again now. She got all high and mighty and lectured me about how she'll "not have me become a lesbian" and blah blah blah.
I hate this place so much, Bridget. Don't worry, I defended you with my life. I'm proud to call you my friend. She can't take that from me.
Emily, that means more to me than you will ever know.
What irks me is that some of my friend's parents feel that because I like girls, it means that I'm some kind of creep out to turn all her female friends, which isn't true in the slightest. The same thinking could be used in reverse; A lot of my friends are straight, both males and females. That doesn't mean that me spending time with them is going to make me heterosexual.
Thank you so much. I really hope I get to see you soon... I love and miss you so much, Thank you for defending me.
It's what I had to do. You'r
:iconokashi-okami-of-doom:Okashi-Okami-of-DOOM 6 10
I Don't Care
Those heart-wrenching feelings have long since passed
Of togetherness, of love
Later came the shock of agony
Which I have rose above
Now I see you on the floor
Cold and bumpy to the touch
Remembering the last time I saw you
And how I used to feel so much
Remind me of the days of holding hands
Fingers entwined between fishnet gloves
Passionate, tender moments, exchanging hot kisses
With a girl I used to love
You are round and brown with little black bumps
A cute smile painted for a face
You had a match worn by another
But that was in another place
I don't think much of her anymore
She doesn't come to mind
And I believe it's for the better
To leave the past behind
Maybe she still thinks of me
Running my fingers through her hair
Maybe she still has those photos
But I honestly don't care
I don't know who she's with or where she is
Or if she's got a new madame
But I don't really want to know
Because I don't really give a damn
All I know is that I'm fine
And what's meant to be will be
I've l
:iconokashi-okami-of-doom:Okashi-Okami-of-DOOM 27 13
Princess Bubblegum by Okashi-Okami-of-DOOM Princess Bubblegum :iconokashi-okami-of-doom:Okashi-Okami-of-DOOM 11 33 MEETING QUINTON FLYNN by Okashi-Okami-of-DOOM MEETING QUINTON FLYNN :iconokashi-okami-of-doom:Okashi-Okami-of-DOOM 7 19 MEETING TARA STRONG by Okashi-Okami-of-DOOM MEETING TARA STRONG :iconokashi-okami-of-doom:Okashi-Okami-of-DOOM 126 166
The Windows
Bright lights that pierce through my eyes
My blood is the heat of a flame
She has all my stories memorized
And mesmerizes me when she whispers my name
Nothing compares to her in sweetness
She's got my brain in a daze
Hers is the world to make mine complete
And I love her in so many ways
So shatter the windows and break down the fences
You've taken me out of limbo with love truly authentic
Because you know I'll adore you till my very last breath
So take my hand, darling, and we'll love to the death
The sound of our breathing
And the alluring smell of your skin
Nothing in this world could ever divide us
As I deeply breath it in
You've taken my heart and made me see
The beauty of which it's worth
So I can now freely point to you and say
"My heart belongs to her"
So shatter the windows and break down the fences
You've taken me out of limbo with love truly authentic
Because you know I'll adore you till my very last breath
So take my hand, darling, and we'll love to the death
I am elated, I
:iconokashi-okami-of-doom:Okashi-Okami-of-DOOM 7 12
Lumpy Space Pumpkin by Okashi-Okami-of-DOOM Lumpy Space Pumpkin :iconokashi-okami-of-doom:Okashi-Okami-of-DOOM 14 8 Finn the Pumpkin and Jake-o-Lantern by Okashi-Okami-of-DOOM Finn the Pumpkin and Jake-o-Lantern :iconokashi-okami-of-doom:Okashi-Okami-of-DOOM 12 13 Take ALL The Notes by Okashi-Okami-of-DOOM Take ALL The Notes :iconokashi-okami-of-doom:Okashi-Okami-of-DOOM 4 9 Pinkie Dunno by Okashi-Okami-of-DOOM Pinkie Dunno :iconokashi-okami-of-doom:Okashi-Okami-of-DOOM 14 32 Poison Ivy 8 by Okashi-Okami-of-DOOM Poison Ivy 8 :iconokashi-okami-of-doom:Okashi-Okami-of-DOOM 6 19 Poison Ivy 7 by Okashi-Okami-of-DOOM Poison Ivy 7 :iconokashi-okami-of-doom:Okashi-Okami-of-DOOM 2 0 Poison Ivy 6 by Okashi-Okami-of-DOOM Poison Ivy 6 :iconokashi-okami-of-doom:Okashi-Okami-of-DOOM 9 11


faerie by blackXroseXearring
Mature content
faerie :iconblackxrosexearring:blackXroseXearring 1 0
Doin' It For The Fame by SequinSuperNOVA Doin' It For The Fame :iconsequinsupernova:SequinSuperNOVA 26 5 Half Psychotic Sick Hypnotic by SequinSuperNOVA Half Psychotic Sick Hypnotic :iconsequinsupernova:SequinSuperNOVA 37 16 Vanellope von Schweetz: .: Cupcake :. by AnyaPanda Vanellope von Schweetz: .: Cupcake :. :iconanyapanda:AnyaPanda 217 74 Fionna: Severe Lady by palecardinal Fionna: Severe Lady :iconpalecardinal:palecardinal 338 22 Will you be my Valentine? by SugarBunnyCosplay Will you be my Valentine? :iconsugarbunnycosplay:SugarBunnyCosplay 64 13 Emilie Autumn by agnia-solja Emilie Autumn :iconagnia-solja:agnia-solja 78 13 Sally by UndercoverEnvy Sally :iconundercoverenvy:UndercoverEnvy 253 29 Poison Ivy Sideshow Art by Artgerm Poison Ivy Sideshow Art :iconartgerm:Artgerm 41,062 1,789 Deadly Aim by RavenDarkness7 Deadly Aim :iconravendarkness7:RavenDarkness7 15 5 Eeeeeeeeeeee! by HarleyTheSirenxoxo Eeeeeeeeeeee! :iconharleythesirenxoxo:HarleyTheSirenxoxo 34 15 Harley Quinn by YagiPhotography Harley Quinn :iconyagiphotography:YagiPhotography 22 4 Poison Ivy by Ysenna Poison Ivy :iconysenna:Ysenna 619 50 I'm always safe with Daddy by UndercoverEnvy I'm always safe with Daddy :iconundercoverenvy:UndercoverEnvy 129 20 No one want to drink me by lieveheersbeestje No one want to drink me :iconlieveheersbeestje:lieveheersbeestje 5,052 565 Envy by UndercoverEnvy Envy :iconundercoverenvy:UndercoverEnvy 45 4


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Hey, y'all! Who wants a cosplay update?? ♥♥♥

So, this is going to be a short one.

I'm currently working on 4 costumes;

:bulletpink: SECRET COSPLAY
:bulletyellow: Caution Tape!Lady Gaga (Telephone MV)
:bulletblue: (60's) Dazzler (X-Men)
:bulletpurple: Megara (Disney's Hercules)

Also a flashy rave outfit made out of shiny silver and hot pink duct tape, hehe.
I'm planning on wearing all of those 4 costumes (as well as, of course, Poison Ivy ♥) for my next big con, SACANIME WINTER 2013!!

That's all for now, I guess.
Toodles! :blowkiss:


Tara Renée Largo
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-Bubbline (Adventure Time)
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-Drapple (Harry Potter)
-OctaVinyl (MLP:FiM)
-Othergirl-Senpai X Normal-Chan (Creamsicle/tumblr)


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